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The Hand-off

I was thinking about simple ways people can boost their standing in an organization, and I kept circling back to the hand-off. Falling in line with my love of teamwork; the hand-off is how information travels from person to person, department to department, or process...

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I Failed

I failed already, and it has only been a few weeks.  I had made a commitment to publish a new blog post each week until the end of the year. But I failed.  I missed the last two weeks. It was a chaotic time.  I was getting ready to be out of the office for a week;...

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Customer Service is Hard

I believe that every single person in a company is part of the customer service team, but the individuals charged with the after sale “traditional” customer service responsibility have an incredibly difficult job. I was pulled into a few customer service related...

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The Team

I’m kind of a loner. I would say my default state is to be on my own. I enjoy being alone. However, I can’t stop preaching about teamwork and being a contributing member of said team. If you were to hang out in my office, I probably reference teamwork at least once a...

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Developing a Short Memory

You didn’t read that wrong.  The title says developing a short memory:  not improving short-term memory or improving memory. This isn’t really about memory in a biological sense at all. By short memory, I mean, learning to let go of the past. The past, in many...

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We Can Do More

The human capacity to do work is astounding.  I don’t mean work as in our ability to do physical labor like move dirt or to lift weights (although that’s pretty incredible as well), but rather our ability to add to our day. I believe, however, that this capacity to do...

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